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WHY BECOME AN MPI® Certified Advisor?

MPI® Unlimited, one of the fastest growing agencies in the country, is the home of the exclusive MPI® Secure Compound Interest Account®, providing clients with up to 3x more retirement income, 100% tax-free, over the 401(k), Roth IRA, Indexed Universal Life Policy, Whole Life Infinite Banking. Now available to the public, the MPI® Secure Compound Interest Account® can offer similar features and benefits of Premium Financing Life Insurance without net worth requirements, third party bank underwriting, uncapped loan rate risk, and other traditional flaws of Premium Financing, while achieving increased growth potential.

  • Unlimited Earning Potential
  • Unlimited Leads and Clients
  • Unlimited Client Support
  • Unlimited Resources

Investment vs. Retirement

As you near retirement age, Financial Advisors are trained to invest your life savings into less risky and more secure strategies, and only withdraw a safe withdrawal rate of 4% (as mentioned earlier). Let me be clear, traditional plans were never designed to produce retirement income—their focus is growing the size of your nest egg! You may have heard your Financial Advisors say, “don’t worry, it will bounce back,” ignoring the time that was lost in these recessions—valuable Compound Interest growth time that can never be bought back. The retirement strategy I built, MPI® (Maximum Premium Indexing) has an advanced built-in feature called the 0% Floor that protects your money along with a match program to accelerate the growth (which my books will teach your more about).

We want our clients, and everyone for that matter, to live their best life, especially in retirement! You work hard for your money, and I believe you should have the ability to find financial freedom and be able to RETIRE when YOU WANT with the amount of income you want for your best life! That is why I’m on a mission with all the partners I’ve brought on board, doing everything we can to educate the public and improve the market.

Look, I get it… This might be a surprise to you and maybe even a little frustrating. You need to remember that none of this is your fault. It’s an industry flaw that my team and I of Certified Advisors all over the country are on a mission to fix! You can see some of their photos below.

Let me explain a little more about what I mean when I said the financial industry has it all backwards.

For example, if you were to “save for retirement” inside a ROTH IRA/401k with a financial advisor for your entire working career until retirement, your money is usually fully exposed to market risk. Financial Advisors are solely focused on growing your nest egg size (making it an investment account) but usually without properly gauging risks of the stock market where your money is invested. At the same time, your money is growing inside these investment accounts (or losing value, like in 2008, the 90s dot-com bubble, and more recently in the multi-year turbulence caused by the 2020 pandemic). It has exposure to stock market loss.

Invitation & Mission

Now here we are, several years into our mission of educating clients on applying Secure Compound Interest and taking advantage of all the features and benefits MPI® has to offer.

I licensed the permission and fully vetted and hired MPI® Certified Advisors all over the country who have seen the vision and now more people are joining the movement every day!

The momentum is undeniable (see the pictures of these MPI® Certified Advisors below), the people are in place, the products are in place, and the processes are in place.

The MPI® SCIA™ is taking the industry by storm with the mission to empower everyone with the ability to apply and qualify to the advanced strategy known as the MPI® Secure Compound Interest Account® that offers the features and benefits listed below…

Retire early! No more age restrictions on retirement. Decide what age you want to retire and be disciplined and dedicated and you can accomplish it!

Create Generational Wealth! Leave a legacy of income and secure compounding accounts for your children and grandchildren, the REAL American dream.

Increased Retirement Income! Apply the innovation inside of the MPI® Strategy and you could end up living on 200% more tax-free income than a traditional ROTH IRA/401K.

Protect Your Money! Protect your hard-earned money from stock market risk, but at the same time, accelerate your wealth with stock market growth.

Lowest Expenses! Cut out traditional middle-men who take a percentage of your life savings.

And much much more…

The bottom line is you need to decide for yourself if this is right for you! I am not here trying to sell you anything, but I do hope to motivate you to educate yourself. That’s why getting my FREE book is a great first step in your financial journey. Do your research, fact check everything I say and you may also come to realize what thousands of my clients have… That our MPI® Strategy is the key for the future retirement of their dreams!

Some might say, sounds too good to be true… I know, most people do when they first hear about it. And that’s okay, but I practice what I preach. 100% fully committed, I save $1.5M dollars a year into my Secure Compound Interest Accounts® because I have done years and years of research. Have you ever asked your financial advisor where they put their money?

Spend time with me or one of my licensed MPI® Certified Advisors. Let my team of seasoned financial services professionals customize your plan and give you a clear road map to your best future! It’s entirely FREE of charge. They will take time to understand your situation, your hopes, your dreams, your fears, and your future retirement. Spend time with them on the MPI® Secure Compound Interest Account® Calculator available on This is a great resource for you to see exactly how much you need to save and at what age you can retire!

Abraham Lincoln is known to have said, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” And that is exactly what MPI® Strategy and my free book, EVERYONE ENDS UP POOR! can help you do! So give yourself permission today and take your next step to secure prosperity!

Always Be Compounding™,


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Copyright © 2022 MPI® UNLIMITED LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2022 MPI® UNLIMITED LLC.
All Rights Reserved.



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